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Jubilee In Brief
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Jubilee In Brief

In 1987, The University of Jordan celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of its foundation. In December 15th, 1962, the University of Jordan opened its doors for the first class, and has been since deepening its roots in the ground, and extending their branches in various Jordanian institutions, as well as supplying the Arab world with competent and dedicated individuals.

The celebration of the silver jubilee is a celebration of the many achievements of the University over the preceding years in various areas, it is a celebration of tens of thousands of citizens, who where nurtured and looked after by the University, which provided them with the reasons for success, and then set them to practical life with confidence, achieving a success story after another, and influenced in all fields. Also, a celebration of the wide services provided by the community, as the University was keen to build bridges between students and the community, and helped solve many problems and paved the way for development and progress.

The University of Jordan this scientific edifice tall, who was the experience of Jordanian unique games loyal sons of the homeland, and made for the success toil and fatigue, effort, and staying up late, until it became what it is today, a beacon loves the hearts of students, the focus of the hopes of trying to wanting to know, Hajj and the wishes of the sons of educated young people from the Arab world and others, and a bright light attracts the attention of the world. This edifice, not the result of chance, and Walid vacuum, that we were not a luxury, but called for the urgent need to create it, imposed by the demand for sons of Jordan on the pursuit of knowledge.

The university began in the early fifties of this century the idea of ​​a modest stalled attempts to bring it into force more than once, as it was being hindered branched, the most important of the potential scarcity of material. However, the idea is not dead, and continued attempts to implement tirelessly for ten years, did not find despair in which a path to those faithful who believe, and insisted Bazmat men to achieve it, remained alive in them, so figured Hussein, which was marked - in addition to What characterized the qualities of the leader promising - sober thinking is right, bright and penetrating insight, and insight, and conscious awareness of what will be. Has adopted His Majesty King Hussein bin Talal, the pilot did not lie to his family one day the idea of ​​a university, and the functioning of the High directives in the right direction, and selected for implementation, men preferred to fatigue the sleepless nights to rest and surrender, and overcome what obstacles stood in its path. And this idea has become enforceable, and the University of Jordan built brick by brick until it became what it is. Proudly as accomplished, proud of what I achieved, wearing splendor, woven of the sincerity of belonging to society and show pride in the scheduled of the love of her community.

How started the idea of ​​a university? And how it was created and when? And how they evolved and grown? What achievements? What are the goals attained? Many questions revolve in the mind of any citizen, if circumstances allowed him the opportunity to visit the campus, and movement between the trendy wide beautiful, moving between the four colleges, ten, ten positions, and immortality hour to the great mosque, and stop for a moment before her hospital wonderful .. And passing through its streets and lanes lined cypress and pine trees .. And sit on the seat of their seats scattered among the roses and flowers .. Or relax on the flat green of the lush Mstahadtha that fortify the already existing spring sun... And the shadow of the summer, or a note requested they move between the College and the College, and restaurant and a yard .. Many questions revolve in the mind of the visitor, and meet with their answers to form a sequential story of events... Great meanings... Deep targets, precise meaning.

In the face of these demands begin the Higher Education Council, which was authored in 1952 to seriously consider the establishment of a university in the country, and calls for a number of specialists in Arab universities to guide their opinions on the subject which has become the financial difficulties to continue without him. In 1955, interested in the establishment of the university agreed to establish a charitable organization shall provide the money necessary for its establishment, is that this Assembly, which, despite the efforts made ​​have not been able to achieve its goals depends.

In late 1961, visiting the British military leadership of the Jordanian armed forces and ask about the needs of Jordan's arms, and that was the Commission expects to submit the commander of the army list of weapons and conventional munitions needed, but the Committee was surprised when she received the answer, is that Jordan needs to the type of armament last .. Weapon of the science that makes arms and men, and builds the generations, and have a bright future.. He needs to embrace the University of citizens and their graduation to serve in various fields and result in the meeting for bringing British delegation representing a number of prestigious universities in Britain.. And considering the needs of the delegation of Jordan, and recommends the establishment of a Jordanian university.

In light of this recommendation, His Majesty King Hussein sent a letter on 12/2/1962 to the prime Minister in order to form a committee called (the Royal Commission for Educational affairs) which was its first priority establishing Jordanian university. After that the Committee studied the situation in all its aspects and recommended to establish the university on 18/8/1962.

Meanwhile, the system of higher education policy was issued which stated the need of making governmental and private efforts to establish a Jordanian university due to meet the growing needs of education.

After overcoming all the obstacles, His Majesty king Hussein issued a supreme decree on 2/9/1962 which was included the approval of establishing the University of Jordan and its first law.

On 5/9/1972 the first Board of Trustees was appointed, while on 15/12/1962 the Faculty of Arts was opened to receive one hundred and sixty-seven students.

The process began with confident and fixed steps by starting the work of expanding the university to be able to provide graduates in various disciplines, therefore; it opened economy and trade and science faculties in 1965.

On 19/4/1965 His Majesty King Hussein inaugurated the University of Jordan and delivered a speech expressing his hope to expand it.

The university stayed  with three faculties only until 1971, before establishing  the Faculty of Sharia’, in the seventies the process of construction and expansion was activated by establishing  the faculty of  medicine, nursing, agriculture, education, engineering, law and physical education, in the eighties  the faculties of pharmacy and dentistry were established.

The university was improved quantitatively and qualitatively by making high level educational programs by putting specific basis dealing with the students’ character from the scientific, cultural and social aspects.

The university reconsidered its plans and educational programs when it is necessary to be more responsive to the needs of the students and the community, the university began with Bachelor and annual system, then it moved to Diploma, Masters and PhD stages... also it turned from the annual teaching system to the credit hour system, which allows students to graduate in less time.

In 1973 the Deanship of Scientific Research was established to put public policy for scientific research in the university and means of implementation, also it was responsible for encouraging  coordinating, supporting, evaluating and publishing scientific research.

Meanwhile, the Dean of Student Affairs was established which is interested in non-academic aspects of student life such as sports, cultural and artistic talents and providing them with all their needs.

In 1983 the Deanship for summer and private Studies was established to reflect the philosophy of the university which is based on freedom, participation and interaction between university students and students from other Arab and foreign universities.

The university complemented its development as an educational institute which seek to serve the community by all means and available methods, therefore it had to participate in guiding the community in the right sound in all directions, due to that it established a number of specialized scientific centers such as the center of documents and manuscripts, a Centre for Languages in the seventies, also it established centers for technical services, studies and computers in 1981.

In 1982 Islamic center and center for research and water studies were established, while in 1983 four centers were established which are: Strategic Studies center, educational center for developing human resources in the field of health, educational technologies center and studies and sound research center, in addition to faculties, centers, facilities and Deanships the university established a hospital and mosque for the community and students.

This stunning expansion came according to a structure plan which served the relationship between the university and different faculties.

Campus was divided into three axes the first one is the academic axe which includes academic faculties distributed in the humanities and Medical and Applied Sciences,  the main theme is the social hub, which is a point of internal communication at the university and a point of contact between the university and the community, this one includes the University Hospital, stadiums  building of activities, restaurants, library, administration and mosque, the rear axle includes houses for the students and the employees.

This is the University of Jordan, which we celebrated its silver anniversary after reaching what it reached due to the care of His Majesty King Hussein, the keenness of trustees boards and the dedication of the faculty members and staff .. who believed the university mission and goals so they sought to maintain, uplift and progress it to become among the developed universities in the world.

This is the University of Jordan, with the achievements of twenty-five years of construction which was shown in this book, which consists of eight sections and twenty-five chapters.